Surf Resorts in South America

South America used to be the quiet little part of the world that traveling surfers forgot but now it is becoming hugely popular with some impressive breaks spread along the coastlines of this beautiful continent. The west coast receives some pretty regular southwest swells and result in the famous left hand breaks from Ecuador to Chile. The lower east coast on the other hand is not as lucky which waves aren't as rideable meaning Argentina and Uruguay generally miss out on bigger swells. Brazil benefits from some excellent breaks particularly on the northern part of the coast. 

Ecuador has constant year round surf all the way from the north west to the south west of the country. Crowds are still small here so you will feel like you have the whole place to yourself. Its also a good launching point for exploring waves on the Galapagos Islands. 


Peru is gaining more and more popularity with surfers who flock here to enjoy big wave rides like Chicama with its massive left hand ride. There are ton of great breaks to choose from which means like Ecuador, you won't have a problem with crowds. 


Chile with its natural mecca landscape is truly a place to come just for the scenery alone. The beaches here just top it off with classic left hand breaks such as Punta de Lobos.  


Brazil has an extremely long coastline that plays host to many ASP whorl tour events as well as many local surfers who like to call it their own. Couple great waves with carnivals and friendly locals and you have a great mix. Also as Brazil are preparing for major events such as the Olympics and Soccer World Cup, getting around the country has never been better. 

Praia Hotel Imbituba
  Praia Da Vila is the home for many ASP Tour events and is another on the long list of perfect surf spots in Brazil. Not far from the Surf center of Florianopolis, Praia Da Vila is in the town of Imbituba and locals and visitors alike call the waves here world class. Suiting more experienced surfers, the waves here are of the larger size and require a more technical handling. The waves can get up [read more]
Sonesta Hotel El Olivar Lima
  This hotel is not right on the beach but instead in the heart of Lima city, which we think is a great place to base yourself to really enjoy the bright lights of the city after a day out on the water. The Sonesta Hotel El Oliver  which is right in the heart of the San Isidro district in Lima is close to shops and restaurants, its a comfortable hotel with all the modern amenities and services.  [read more]
Apart Hotel Condell Iquique
Iquique in Chile is renowned for its range of surf breaks and playing host to Juegos Panamericanos de Surf at the beginning of November. The city has a ton of hawaiian style reef breaks which can get quite big. Best times to venture down to this part of the world is between March and August where conditions are optimal but you can generally find good surf all year round here. Accommdation options [read more]
Blue Tree Florianopolis
Florianopolis is a much loved beach paradise in Brazil is part of the famous Santa Catarina state which plays host to many ASP World Surf Tour events every year. The surf here is constant all year round with a lot of the bigger swells rolling in from the South Atlantic and Antarctica. The surfing is best done here between early March through to late May as well as late September to early November. [read more]
Valparaiso's Vineyard Inn
  The Valparaiso's Vineyard Inn in Valparaiso, Chile is an automatic choice to stay at for surfers looking to explore the Chilean coastline and its surfing spots. A number of good breaks can found nearby such as Playa Negra which is a good spot for more beginners but for those more advanced level riders, check out Renaca or the Graveyard as locals call it which can get pretty big and scary. The ever [read more]
Merit Mar del Plata
When heading to Mar del Plata in Argentina for your South American surfing adventure, bunk down at the Merit which is a great place to hang your hat while enjoying the waves. With northeast, south and south east winds blowing hard in the area, there are good swells to be taken advantage of with the southeast throwing up the biggest and most consistent. Local beaches to take note of are Sun Rider, [read more]
Mercure Rio De Janeiro Ipanema
  The Mercure Rio De Janeiro in Ipanema Brazil is a good place to stay while experiencing the local surf. There are a number of great breaks nearby including Arpoador which is one of the biggest lefts around and Leblon at the south end of Ipanema beach which is favored by many locals as an excellent right hander. These breaks are naturally very crowded but there are also some quieter yet just as [read more]
Los Portales Hotel Piura
  Piura is not as popular as some of the main breaks in Peru but still holds its own with its warmer waters and North Pacific swell patterns a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The best time to visit Piura is more in the northern hemisphere winter with surf more consistent but it can also get heavily populated with the Lima locals traveling north to Piura to enjoy the better waves. Not to [read more]
Hotel Libertador Trujillo
  The Hotel Liberador Trujillo is located not far from Peru's biggest and best break: Chicama. It is the longest wave on the planet and even better is relatively uncrowded thanks to its isolated location and 2 miles of pure wave. In fact, the 1400 miles of rugged coastline Peru has to offer is hit with consistent swells throughout the year and the fact that their beaches don't grace the covers of [read more]
Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro
Rio is a mecca for surfing and total beach culture perfectly personified by the Brazilian population that live there. The south are of Rio is known as the better surf spot, particularly Leblon where the swells are generally always bigger and locals a lot more friendlier. Arpodador is also a great break nearby which lies at the northern end of Ipanema. In terms of sweet spots, you can't get much sweeter [read more]
Bahia Othon Palace
The Bahia Othon Palace Hotel is sitting right next to some of the best surf beaches in Brazil. The Bahia break which has hosted the South American Men's ASP events is a favored break among locals and outside surfers alike. The conditions are not world class but with warm waters and consistent surf, riders will not be disappointed. The Palace itself is an ideal spot right on the beach and a short taxi [read more]
Americano Hotel Arica
O.k so this hotel isn't exactly walking steps from the sandy shores but with its inner city spot next to shops, restaurants and bars not to mention a short drive to the beach, you can't go wrong with choosing the Americano Hotel Arica for your place to stay while surfing these shores. Chile is a great spot for surfing and much like California back in the early days, there are a ton of great waves [read more]