Surf Resorts in Oceania

Oceania has some excellent surf spots across the Pacific in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the rest of Polynesia.  

Australia with its miles and miles of coastline is world renowned as a big surf destination in the world and has a wide range of beach and point breaks. Summer and the Fall are best months to surf in New South Wales with Freshwater Beach being a regular host of major championship events. The Gold Coast in Queensland is another mecca spot and attracts thousands of surfers every year with its warm temperate climate and warm waters. The legendary Bells Beach near Torquay hosts a number of ASP World Tour Events every year. 


New Zealand with its long slender coastlines makes accessing both sides of the coast easy and a short drive. The best regions to surf here are on the west coast of Auckland down to Hamilton with Raglan being a popular break with locals. Going further down to Taranaki you will find some great beach breaks with large waves. Around the bottom of the North Island, there are some excellent hidden breaks in the Wellington and Wairarapa regions with great waves found at Lyall Bay and Castlepoint. Down in the South Island of the country, there are some big breaks at the Catlins near Dunedin and Westport on the rugged and sometimes dangerous west coastline of the South Island. 


The Pacific Island nations complete this impressive list of surf spots in the region. There are plenty of quality reef breaks around here and world class spots only accessible by boat. Fiji, particularly Tavarua, is always on the top 10 list of world class surfers with quality breaks like Restaurants and Cloudbreak producing massive left hand barrels and are a sight to see let alone surf. Tahiti is home of the famous Teahupoo which is best suited only for expert surfers with its thunderous wave that breaks with more power, volume and force than other wave in the world. There are also some other excellent breaks on the number of islands in this region that produce year round consistent barreling waves. 

Noosa Blue Resort
Noosa is a famous spot for surfing in Australia with several great breaks that rival the Gold Coast breaks minus the crowds. Waves can be found at Sunshine Beach and head along the coast for 12 kilometers to the North Shore. Sunshine Beach is a beach break with great right and left handers and up to 2 meters in swell. Further along, you can find Granite bay and Tea Tree whose beach breaks can go over [read more]
Lomani Island Resort
  Lomani Island Resort is the perfect place to hang your hat while enjoying some of Fiji's most famous and best breaks such as Cloudbreaks and Restaurants. This adult only resort is tucked away amongst swaying palms on Malolo Island and the crystal clear waters of the Pacific. With Cloudbreaks only a short boat ride away, you can literally wake up, grab your board and head on your merry way to what [read more]
The Savaiian Hotel
  Choose the Savaiian Hotel when visiting Western Samoa for its awesome world class breaks without the crowds you'd expect to find at such waves. Made up of two main islands, Samoa surf is very consistent all year round with long walls, A frame peaks and draining barrels. Some of the most notable breaks are Dragons Breath and Pudding Rock and Devils Island. The south shores of Samoa are good all [read more]
Sonaisali Island Resort
  Stay at the Sonaisali Island Resort and you will be only minutes away from Fiji's best and biggest breaks such as Cloudbreak, Restaurants and Namotu Lefts. Namotu Lefts ranges from about 6 to 15 feet and is a much more ridable, less intimidating wave than its fearsome neighbor Cloudbreak. This long break is a popular choice among locals and visitors from afar. Restaurants is a fast left hand break [read more]
San Chelsea Beachside Apartments
  The San Chelsea Beachfront Accommdation is a favorite among traveling surfers who camp up here while enjoying the great local break of Kirra Point. Kirra which has a weld renowned right hand point break serves up 100 meter tube rides. Locals say you can enter a tube from the Big Groyne to Butterbox section and then on a great day after leaving that tube you'd go straight into another one at Little [read more]
Royal Tahitien
  If you want to visit Tahiti and its big powerful wave of Teahupoo, then consider staying at the Royal Tahitien which is not far from the famous wave as well as downtown Papeete. Teahupoo which is renowned for its sheer size and power is a big wave surfer's dream and is only for the big boys who are either experts or just damn right crazy. Just to see this wave break in itself is a huge adventure [read more]
Raglan Sunset Motel
New Zealand
  Raglan is one of New Zealand's mot popular breaks. Located on the west coast of the North Island about an hour's drive from Hamilton, it has a great left point break that's hollow and produces good barrels. Suited to more intermediate to advanced surfers, Raglan is a crowded break due to tis popularity and on a good day you'll find many long and short boarders in the water. Raglan township itself [read more]
Musket Cove Island Resort
  Situated on the quiet Mamanuca islands just 9 miles north of Tavarua, the Musket Cove Island Resort is the perfect place to stay while enjoying some of the best waves on the planet at Tavarua. Famous world class breaks like Cloudbreak, Restaurants are all nearby and with the popularity of these breaks among ASP tour surfers, you may even see a famous face or two on your way down there. Musket Cove [read more]
Le Meridien Tahiti
  The Le Meridien is only a few miles away from the world famous Teahupoo, Tahiti's number one big wave ride and regular host of senior mens ASP World Tour events. This is a thunderous wave that is best left to the pros. It is some of the biggest most powerful pressure wave in the world, just watching it break is a marvel in itself. Riding it is something else with some of the best barrels surfers [read more]
Crowne Plaza Torquay
The Crowne Plaza Torquay is situated not far from one of the world's best surfing spots, Bells Beach in Australia. Host of thelongest running surfing comp- the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival or known earlier as the Bells Beach Surf Classic, Bells Beach is a mecca for surfers and has plenty of nearby surf breaks as well that are just as consistent such as Southside, Rincon and the interestingly [read more]
Burleigh Beach Tower
Thing Burleigh Heads, think great surf and you would be right. This Gold Coast beach is home to many ASP Surfing events and has produced many local champions alike. In fact in February 2013 the ASP Women's and Men's leg of the tour was held here battled out by the world's best surfers in one of the world's best point breaks. Burleigh Heads often has a large swell that comes in and offers clean offshore [read more]
Bella Vista Motel Invercargill
The Bella Vista Motel in Invercargill New Zealand is a short drive away from some of New Zealand's biggest surfing, the Catlins. The Catlins which is located along the south east coast of the South Island is largely an untouched and undiscovered location when it comes to surfing that offers powerful beach breaks and nice hollow waves created by the souther swells. There are excellent left hand point [read more]
Aruba Surf Resort
The Aruba Surf Resort is situated on the Gold Coast of Australia which is home to many famous breaks such as Broadbeach. Broadbeach is a big hit with locals and visitors from afar and has a reputation as an all round resort feel with shops and dining and entertainment not too far away. The surf conditions here are clean and the water is at a comfortable temperature so its boardies in the summer and [read more]