Surf Resorts in North America

A lot of people say surfing hails from this part of the world with history dating back to Southern Californian waves and the big breaks from Hawaii. No matter where you are in this part of the world, there are some serious surf breaks to be enjoyed and worth the travel to get there. 

The East Coast of the US has a big surf culture particularly in Florida with its year round sunshine and warm weather. The surf season in Florida lasts from early August through winter and into mid spring. The hurricane season generally brings in some big southeasterly swells that keeps the locals happy all throughout the fall. Winter season in this neck of the woods produces the most consistent surf  with long period groundswells from the northeast. 


The West Coast of the US has its best surf in the surfing state of California. With its 1100 miles of coastlines, there is a diverse range of breaks that suit all different types of levels. Southern California has a number of popular spots with Malibu and San Onofre. Central California although not as well renowned as its neighbors below and above, also has some great spots including Santa Cruz, Mavericks and breaks close to San Francisco. 


Northern California which starts from Marin County to the border of Oregon is a rugged coastline with some heavy breaks. Water here is cold but there are many secret spots that only the locals know about that are worth the drive to check out. 


Hawaii is often known as the mecca of all surfing destinations and the birthplace of wave riding. The big swells arrive here in winter with Pipeline and Sunset on the Oahu north shore attracting world class surfers. Beaches along Waikiki are also a good starting point for those beginner surfers. There are too many great breaks here to mention and surf aside, this is one place that should be on everyone's bucket list. 

Turtle Bay Resort
  Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu is not far from the world famous Hawaiin Pipeline and one not to be missed. In fact, Oahu boasts the world famous 7 mile stretch which consists of the Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay all catering for the more experienced surfer. Not far from these however on the south shore is Waikiki for you more beginner surfers looking to get your first [read more]
The Beach House Hotel Half Moon Bay
  If you wanna stay in style while on your Mavericks expedition to see one of the greets breaks in the world, then the Beachhouse Hotel in Half Moon Bay is a definite must stay. There are 54 loft suites in this luxury boutique hotel and its conveniently located close to the beach giving nearly every room perfect ocean views and the Santa Cruz mountains. All rooms and suites coming with everything [read more]
Shade Hotel
Manhattan Beach in Southern California is over 2 miles of ocean frontage and winter surf can reach up to 12 feet high. There are some great ridable waves that locals take advantage. The place can get a little crowded as many in Manhattan Beach town are avid water goers with surfers and paddle boarders a common sight when you head down to the beach. Despite competition for waves, locals are cool and [read more]
Sea View Inn at the Beach
The Sea View Inn at Manhattan Beach is a hop skip and jump away from the sandy shores with its location perched upon the hill overlooking the sea and Californian coastline. With the sound of the MB surf below, the Sea View Inn is literally a short walk up the hill back to your room to sit back and unwind. Only minutes away from the heart and soul of downtown, there are a myriad of excellent and bustling [read more]
Oceanview Motel - Huntington Beach
  Huntington Beach is one of the surfing mecca spots for Californians and locals will say that this is where the surf culture of the sunshine state originated. True to its calling, Huntington Beach has so many good breaks that even start right at the pier next to downtown. The US open is held here every year and the place can get a little crowded on weekends so heading along the coast to Seal Beach [read more]
Malibu Country Inn
  The Malibu Country Inn is a more affordable option for those looking to spenad their surf trip enjoying the long right point break of Malibu. There are a number of different options for rooms including ocean view rooms overlooking the southern Californian coastline and sunsets and beautiful Mountain and Garden View rooms that all feature the comforts and amenities of home. The world famous Zuma [read more]
Malibu Beach Inn
  Malibu is a surfing mecca in the Los Angeles area and many come here from miles to take advantage of the lengthy right point break that holds all sizes of swell. It's so popular that it does get very crowded out there and locals are very particular about their wave so courtesy is required. Its a great wave for longboarders and shortboarders and suits the more intermediate to advanced surfer. Malibu [read more]
Makena Surf- Destination Resorts
Makena Surf Resorts on Maui is located on a secluded beachfront stretch of Paipu Beach and has ocean front properties that overlook the Pacific Ocean. It's the perfect place for peace and tranquility and to unwind after a long day out on the surf. In terms of surf, Makena Beach or Big Beach as its otherwise known, is a hollow fast and powerful right and left beach break that fortunately does not get [read more]
Maalaea Surf - Mch
Maalaea Surf Resort is a great place to set up shop while staying on Maui and enjoying all the local breaks. Maui waters are generally clean and clear but are lined with sharp coral reefs so caution is required. There are a number of different breaks on the island catering to different levels, with the best breaks all being reef breaks. Malaalea beach is a great place for beginners to learn and many [read more]
La Jolla Shores Hotel
  La Jolla offers many excellent breaks with Marine Street Beach being one of the more popular for surfers and particularly bodyboarders who take advantage of the shore break 'womb' which throws out short but deep tube rides. Windasea, the next break heading south has a easy let/right peak that has a constant break throughout the year regardless of the tide or swell. The only downside is that it [read more]
La Jolla Beach Travelodge
  La Jolla is another one of San Diego's great breaks and with really good accommodation to compliment your surf trip. Local spots like Torrey Pines City Beach otherwise known as Black's Beach and La Jolla Shores which is a mile long sand beach popular with surfers, offer smaller but consistent surf all year round. The La Jolla Beach Travel Lodge is located only one mile from these sandy shores and [read more]
Hotel Huntington Beach
  Often called the spot where California surf culture begins and ends, Huntington Beach is 7 miles of pure surf from Bolsa Chica down to the Santa Ana river mouth. With the pier the focal point of the surf, riders can experience good surf most times of the year particularly in Winter when the swells are larger producing bigger waves. Despite waves bing peaky at times and quick to close out, there [read more]
Hanalei Colony Resort
The Kauai beaches of Hawaii are renowned for their consistently great waves, warm water and great pacific hospitality. The best time to hit these waves for surfing is between May and October catering for all levels. Poipu Beach is a great beginner wave with two other breaks nearby: Acid Drop and Heroins more for the experienced surfer. The southeastern shores at Kalapaki Beach offers a right sandbar [read more]
Del Mar Motel on the Beach
Del Mar beach in San Diego offers year round waves that cater for all levels thanks to the broad swell from the southwest, west and northwest. The best and most frequented spots are between Eleventh and Fifteenth streets although these areas can get a little crowded.There is also good surf at the middle section of Del Mar beach with good beach breaks. The ideal place to stay when surfing at Del mar [read more]
Comfort Inn Half Moon Bay
Mavericks near Half Moon Bay is known worldwide for its massive breaks and hosts many big wave surfers every year. The conditions are here as most surfers would know are for experienced riders only and the annual invitation only content is held here in most winters when the giant swells come. Still, despite this place being received for big wave riders and experienced locals only, its still a great [read more]
Aqua Aloha Surf & Spa
The island of Oahu in Hawaii is considered one of the best and most famous places for surfing in the world and Waikiki Beach where the Aqua Aloha Surf accommodation is located is in the prime spot to enjoy what this location has to offer. Although Waikiki is generally considered a spot for beginner level surfers looking to get their first thrill of a wave, the more bigger and advanced spots on the [read more]