Surf Resorts in Central America & Caribbean

Heading down to central america is a popular choice for Californian surfers looking to get away on an unforgettable surf expedition. with so many world class breaks to choose from, it's no wonder this part of the world is top of the list for many of the best surfers on the planet. The central america's pacific coast is known for its constant surf all year round thanks to northwest swells from November to March and southwest swells from March to November. 

Mexico is a big surf destination with too many great spots to name here. It's breaks suit all levels with water temperature being warm and inviting. El Salvador is on the rise in popularity with its famous right hand breaks and secluded spots dotted across the coastline and only accessible by local tours. 


Costa Rica is known for being one of the safest countries in central america and has a range of top notch waves. The most famous of them all are Pavones, Ollies Point and Witches Rock in the north. Panama is also steadily on the rise with great surf to be found in the Bocas del Toro region and Santa Catalina.

The Inn at Manzanillo Bay
  What used to be a sleepy little fishing village, Troncones is now a popular getaway spot for Mexico's northern neighbors looking to escape the cold and more recently a go to place for avid intrepid surf travelers. Not far from the beautiful Zihuatnaejo and Ixtapa, Troncones which is in the Manzanillo Bay offers a consistent left point break and suits all levels from beginners to more seasoned veterans [read more]
Casablanca Sayulita
Riviera Nayarit in Mexico or its actual name which the fishing village of Sayulita not far from Puerto Vallarta is a tranquil beach town that is quicky becoming Mexico's top spot for surfing. the right break fronting the main beach is constant and an ideal spot for beginners to learn and get their feet wet. Swells do get bigger for the more advanced level surfers particularly on the beach's more [read more]
The Inn At Mazatlan
  Mexico has many fine surf breaks and one that must be mentioned is Mazatlan. This well known surf spot has year round surf but the best surf conditions are had between May and September when surfers can ride the long left hander that Mazatlan is renowned for. Given its rise to fame, Mazatlan is now hosting big international surfing events and started off with its very first, the Quicksilver Clasico [read more]
Tamarindo Diria Beach and Golf Resort
  Tamarindo in Costa Rica is a popular break with locals and international surfers coming here every year to ride the wave and all its neighboring beaches. The country's most famous breaks of Playa Negra, Ollie's Point and Witches Rock to the north offer world class rides and make a great getaway experience both on and off the water. Tamarindo's perfect beach break also boasts warm water due to its [read more]
Le Cameleon Puerto Viejo
  Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica has been given the claim to fame of having the heaviest wave in Costa Rica which has so many world class surf spots itself. Salsa Brava which is what the wave is known as, is definitely an expert only wave and locals call it a "thick sauce" brewing over a shallow reef. But this area is not just renowned for this heavy beast, also more easier rides such as Playa Cocles [read more]
Hotel Alicante San Salvador
  San Salvador is only 30 minutes away from La Libertad which is El Salvador's number one surfing spot with so many world class breaks not far from each other. One of the most popular breaks in this circuit is Punta Roca which is a world class wave that is compared to the likes of Noosa Australia and J-Bay. The wave runs for more that a quarter mile at an even pace and has plenty of barrels on offer [read more]
Best Western David Chiriqui
  Chiriqui is on the Pacific side of Panama and is a bunch of islands that has world class surf conditions for the intrepid traveler. The islands are secluded surf spots that can only be accessed by private tour operators.  We recommend setting up camp in the city of David, Chiriqui which although is not right on the beach, is a good neutral spot for exploring the other regions. Some of the nearby [read more]
Wyndham Kingston Jamaica
  Surfing in Kingston Jamaica is a big hit with locals and now traveling surfers wanting to take advantage of the warm climate and water temperatures. There are a ton of excellent breaks close to the city. Lighthouse is near the Kingston airport with short and hollow right handers and some of the best barrels on the island. Copa which is in Bull Bay outside of the city boasts long rides and big waves [read more]
Santa Fe Hotel Puerto Escondido
  Puerto Escondido is one of the best breaks in the world and probably Mexico's most famous wave. Otherwise known as the Mexican Pipeline, Puerto Escondido's waves can top out at over 20 feet and their fast hollow nature create some wicked ridable barrels that you'll never forget. Naturally the place can get a little crowded and locals like any good break are quite protective so usual surfing protocol [read more]
Las Brisas Acapulco
  With warm water and weather pretty much all year round, the whole Mexican surf scene is a great place to take a surf trip given it offers the full traveling experience. Affordable accommodation, good swells, great local entertainment , it has the works. The local Acapulco break of Revolcadero is ideal for intermediate to advanced level surfers suiting all types from shortboard to longboard. The [read more]
Calafia Hotel
Calafia is a right hand point break that is nestled right bang smack in front of the Hotel Calafia. It is recommended more for advanced surfers because of the close proximity to the rocks and when it's on, this wave is one of the best. if the swell is small, there are other options such as a right hander called Bus Stops which is on the inside of the bay. The Hotel Calafia itself is a very famous [read more]
Best Western Jaco Beach Resort
Jaco Beach is a great little break in Costa Rica and perfect as a jump off spot for those just arriving into the country as it is only 2 hours drive from San Jose. There are fun left and right hand peaks which although small, allow you to surf nearly the whole beach. Jaco is also really close to two really good breaks: Hermosa and Playa Escondida which consistently pull out good surf. Jaco is a great [read more]