Surf Resorts in Asia

Asia is not the first place you think of when it comes to surf destinations but it is now slowly being recognized with more and more world class breaks being discovered and used for international surfing events. 


By far the one place that puts Asia on the surfing map is Indonesia which has world class left waves like Padang Padang, G land, Uluwatu and Kuta Lines. Given the fact that Indonesia in general is an affordable place to travel and stay in, it only makes it more inviting for surfers from across the globe. 


Japan is also starting to enter the international surf scene with a number of beaches in the Chiba prefecture gaining popularity amongst locals and the ASP World Tour schedule. Chiba itself boasts all sorts of waves including reef breaks that fire on big swells. Locals are pretty friendly too and always enjoy meeting foreigners who come to Japan to surf. 


There are other countries that feature suitable waves that include Sri Lanka, Maldives and there also parts of Malaysia that feature on the Asian Pro Surfing Circuit. 

Hikkaduwa Beach Hotel
One of the most popular spots in Sri Lanka to surf is Hikkaduwa given its white sandy beaches, reefs that are both colorful and rich with marine life and not to mention some of the best surf in the country. This once quiet fishing village has now become a favorite vacation spot for locals and now is on the rise with more and more international surfers making their way to the shores of Hikkaduwa. Best [read more]
Hw Hotel Padang
  Padang Padang is a very powerful and quite intimidating wave just off the coast of Sumatra but well worth even just witnessing to see its raw beauty and power. The Padang is also one of the most hollowest waves in the area and has a very inviting and legendary tube ride all the way to the end. However the real danger here is the shallow water so wiping out on these waves can cause some serious [read more]
Alila Villas Uluwatu
Uluwatu is the most famous wave in Bali and pretty much has an all round good swell going on which also means its gonna be crowded. But don't let that deter you as this is a must see, must surf destination. There are several different waves to tackle at Uluwatu each with their own unique way of handling. The Peak is the most constant wave in this area and provides short and powerful tubes but you [read more]
The Oasis Kuta
The Oasis Kuta in Bali is a favorite among traveling surfers looking to ride the famous Kuta Beach wave. The conditions at Kuta are ideal with reef breaks, lagoons and varying conditions creating great waves for beginners and experts. Beginners can stay nestled in the lagoons and master their trade while experts can head out further to the outer reef breaks to enjoy the larger sets and glassy tubes [read more]
The Jayakarta Lombok
Lombok is widely held amongst the surfing community of Indo as a great spot for al levels with easy waves that are ideal for beginners and tons of point breaks powerful enough to challenge more advanced level surfers. Its location which is about 5 hours by boat or a 20 minute plane ride from east Bali gives you that feeling of escape and tranquility which is ideal for relaxing after a long day out [read more]
Thulhagiri Island Resort & Spa Maldives
On the main Male Atoll in the Maldives, you can find a ton of great and sometimes completely uncrowded surf spots that offer world class breaks. Staying at the Thulhagiri Island Resort & Spa Maldives you are perfectly located to venture off to the surrounding islands  and take advantage of the warm water and great weather climate. There are some great nearby breaks to the Thulhagiri such [read more]
Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa
  Surfing in Singapore is now a great option with the Wave House on Sentosa Island.  Don't let the artificial waves fool you, these are no push over with the current always strong and the same challenge and power you'd face on a real wave. The pump on the pool moves about 600 cubic meters of water a minute and this makes for some pretty cool barrel riding. The town main experiences water lovers [read more]
Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotels
  Sunway Lagoon is a giant water park right in the heart of the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur and allows riders of all levels to catch some pretty serious waves. This a great alternative for times when the surf is slow particularly in the months leading up to November when many surfers come here to to practice before the start of the swell season. In fact, this water park is touted by many [read more]
The Legend Resort Cherating
Cherating on the east coast of Malaysia is claimed to be one of the best breaks in the country with a surfing area of just over 1KM long and waves that seem to never end. This point break beach has a sandy bottom and suits all surfers from beginner level to advanced. The best surf here can be found in the monsoon months from October to March with swells bringing in waves of up to 8 feet. There are [read more]
Pacific Hotel Okinawa
The tropical island of Okinawa in Japan is fortunate to have so many excellent breaks surrounding its coastlines. Hedo Point on the northern tip of the island is a right hander with a nice hollow barrel that finishes off with a smooth ride for another 30 meters. If you want to get away from the crowds then try out the local break known as Fruit Stand where the surf conditions really go off especially [read more]
Chaaya Island Dhonveli
The Maldives has been put on the surfing map because of many top breaks around the islands with one in particular, Pasta Point being talked about across the world. The name Pasta Point comes from the old Italian Resort that used to be there and the fact that after you come back from surfing the break your arms would be all noodled. That name stuck and now Pasta Point is probably the best left hander [read more]
Nihiwatu Island Resort
  Nihiwatu is a small island getaway in the remote eastern part of Indonesia and is hotspot for surfers looking for that classic 'Indo' wave.  The Nihiwatu Island Resort itself is located right outside the beach front and offers surfers a perfect access to the best breaks in the area. The waves that break here can get to about 4 feet and above and are generally much bigger with the bigger swells [read more]