Chaaya Island Dhonveli
North Male Atoll , Maldives, Maldives
Chaaya Island Dhonveli
Chaaya Island Dhonveli
Chaaya Island Dhonveli
Chaaya Island Dhonveli
Chaaya Island Dhonveli
Chaaya Island Dhonveli
Chaaya Island Dhonveli
Information about this Surf Resort

The Maldives has been put on the surfing map because of many top breaks around the islands with one in particular, Pasta Point being talked about across the world. The name Pasta Point comes from the old Italian Resort that used to be there and the fact that after you come back from surfing the break your arms would be all noodled. That name stuck and now Pasta Point is probably the best left hander on the whole island with its good swell and 100 yard tube ride waiting for you to pull in and enjoy. The tube starts off with a fast lead in to the so call 'Macaroni Bowl' and then mellows out to the shallow tube call Lockjaws. Pasta Point is only accessible to guests staying at the Chaaya Resort in Dhonveli which is your typical Maldivian overwater bungalow experience. Prices can be a little high here but well worth the indulgence if you are after great waves and an unforgettable experience. 


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Ranked #14 of 66 hotels in North Male Atoll


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“hot and relax”


“Maldives is the place"


“very relaxing place”





Located on the North Mae Atoll




148 stylish rooms cater to every possible personal taste and are created to perfection with all the tiny detailed creature comforts taken care of. Five types of living spaces with open-air exotic garden-bathrooms, mezzanine beds, interconnected rooms and open-air waterfalls are all part of the preference. The rooms have fresh hot/cold water, air-conditioning, hairdryers, Satellite TV, telephone, mini-bar, verandas, sun beds and tea & coffee makers.

Restaurants and Bars


Restaurant and bar on site. 



  • surf local breaks
  • explore other islands
  • spa and massage
  • diving 
  • snorkeling


Getting There


Boat from the Maldivien capital which is 13 km away. trip will take abut 45 minutes.

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Chaaya Island Dhonveli
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