Cape St Francis Resort
South Africa
Cape St Francis is another one of the Easter Cape's major surf breaks full of clean beaches and great waves. It has a major reputation amongst the surfing community as receiving year round swells from large low pressure systems that for between Antarctica and the southern tip of Africa. This can only mean great surf and deliver it does with regular barrels that go down the arm of the bay to the point [read more]
The Pearls of Hout Bay
South Africa
Hout Bay is the home of the legendary break called Dungeons. This big wave break is up there with the rest of them and is a right hander renowned for its power and intimidate people enough just by looking at it. Dungeons is not an easy place to get to considering there is a mountain in the way so it is best accessed by boat from Hout Bay for a direct ride to the break. Dungeons is a deep reef break [read more]
Camps Bay Resort
South Africa
  Camps Bay Resort is right next to the Atlantic Ocean and is a good place to set up camp while enjoying Cape Town's many local breaks. Cape town is a mecca for all surf levels and with the water temperature being a lot cooler in these parts, you're gonna need a 4/3 wetsuit to stay warm.  Some of the best local spots to enjoy around these parts are Thermopylae which has a quality left hand break [read more]
Hikkaduwa Beach Hotel
One of the most popular spots in Sri Lanka to surf is Hikkaduwa given its white sandy beaches, reefs that are both colorful and rich with marine life and not to mention some of the best surf in the country. This once quiet fishing village has now become a favorite vacation spot for locals and now is on the rise with more and more international surfers making their way to the shores of Hikkaduwa. Best [read more]
Hw Hotel Padang
  Padang Padang is a very powerful and quite intimidating wave just off the coast of Sumatra but well worth even just witnessing to see its raw beauty and power. The Padang is also one of the most hollowest waves in the area and has a very inviting and legendary tube ride all the way to the end. However the real danger here is the shallow water so wiping out on these waves can cause some serious [read more]
Alila Villas Uluwatu
Uluwatu is the most famous wave in Bali and pretty much has an all round good swell going on which also means its gonna be crowded. But don't let that deter you as this is a must see, must surf destination. There are several different waves to tackle at Uluwatu each with their own unique way of handling. The Peak is the most constant wave in this area and provides short and powerful tubes but you [read more]
The Oasis Kuta
The Oasis Kuta in Bali is a favorite among traveling surfers looking to ride the famous Kuta Beach wave. The conditions at Kuta are ideal with reef breaks, lagoons and varying conditions creating great waves for beginners and experts. Beginners can stay nestled in the lagoons and master their trade while experts can head out further to the outer reef breaks to enjoy the larger sets and glassy tubes [read more]
The Jayakarta Lombok
Lombok is widely held amongst the surfing community of Indo as a great spot for al levels with easy waves that are ideal for beginners and tons of point breaks powerful enough to challenge more advanced level surfers. Its location which is about 5 hours by boat or a 20 minute plane ride from east Bali gives you that feeling of escape and tranquility which is ideal for relaxing after a long day out [read more]
Noosa Blue Resort
Noosa is a famous spot for surfing in Australia with several great breaks that rival the Gold Coast breaks minus the crowds. Waves can be found at Sunshine Beach and head along the coast for 12 kilometers to the North Shore. Sunshine Beach is a beach break with great right and left handers and up to 2 meters in swell. Further along, you can find Granite bay and Tea Tree whose beach breaks can go over [read more]
Miramar Hotel Nazare
  The Nazare big wave is not just a myth as proven by Garret Mcnamara in February 2013 when he scaled a 98 foot monster off the coast of Nazare for all eyes to see. This place is a mecca in winter with plenty of massive breaks for the more experienced surfers and perhaps for lower levels to purely marvel at. For it is a sight. The waves here in winter time get huge, many setting one after the other [read more]
Mare Hotel Nazare
  Nazare is Portugal's answer to big wave surfing and most recently famous big wave surfer Garrett Mcnamara rode what is considered to be the biggest ever, a 100 foot monster off the Nazare coast. The Nazare beach break is a right and left wave that is fast and hollow and goes up to 500 meters long. The best time to come here to surf is in the winter but be warned, although waves don't get as high [read more]
Lomani Island Resort
  Lomani Island Resort is the perfect place to hang your hat while enjoying some of Fiji's most famous and best breaks such as Cloudbreaks and Restaurants. This adult only resort is tucked away amongst swaying palms on Malolo Island and the crystal clear waters of the Pacific. With Cloudbreaks only a short boat ride away, you can literally wake up, grab your board and head on your merry way to what [read more]
Escale Oceania Biarritz
The Escale Biarritz is the perfect place to stay while enjoying the clean ride at Biarritz. A regular stop on the ASP world tour when it hosted the 2012 Roxy Pro, Biarritz is considered the surf capital of France and you will get that feel when staying in this South West part of France. The North Atlantic weather depressions surge up regular swells which make this resort town a great place to surf [read more]
Umhlanga Self Catering Guesthouse
 This accommodation is not right by the beach but is located not far from Umhlanga Rocks which is one of Durban's top breaks and attracts thousands of surfers every year. The Umhlanga town itself is a resort town north of Durban with quality waves that are both left and right handers and suit all levels from beginners to advanced. The waves are beach break types and normally range up to 50 meters [read more]
Durban Sands
South Africa
  Durban is home to some of the best surfing spots in the world and rivals Cape Town for the top spot in South Africa. The weather here is a lot warmer which means warmer waters and attracts a lot of avid surfers every your. The swells here are regular and definitely favorable and offer a large range of reef, point an debauch breaks that bring on quality waves. The best breaks in this neck of the [read more]
On the Beach Guesthouse, B&b, Apartments
  The world famous J Bay or Jeffreys Bay in Cape Town South Africa is one of  the five most famous surfing spots in the world and home to many international surfing events every year, the most famous begin the Billabong Pro ASP World Tour event every July. The J Bay break is a long and very fast tubing right hand point break and considered one of the best right handers in the world thanks to its [read more]
Thulhagiri Island Resort & Spa Maldives
On the main Male Atoll in the Maldives, you can find a ton of great and sometimes completely uncrowded surf spots that offer world class breaks. Staying at the Thulhagiri Island Resort & Spa Maldives you are perfectly located to venture off to the surrounding islands  and take advantage of the warm water and great weather climate. There are some great nearby breaks to the Thulhagiri such [read more]
Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa
  Surfing in Singapore is now a great option with the Wave House on Sentosa Island.  Don't let the artificial waves fool you, these are no push over with the current always strong and the same challenge and power you'd face on a real wave. The pump on the pool moves about 600 cubic meters of water a minute and this makes for some pretty cool barrel riding. The town main experiences water lovers [read more]
Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotels
  Sunway Lagoon is a giant water park right in the heart of the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur and allows riders of all levels to catch some pretty serious waves. This a great alternative for times when the surf is slow particularly in the months leading up to November when many surfers come here to to practice before the start of the swell season. In fact, this water park is touted by many [read more]
The Legend Resort Cherating
Cherating on the east coast of Malaysia is claimed to be one of the best breaks in the country with a surfing area of just over 1KM long and waves that seem to never end. This point break beach has a sandy bottom and suits all surfers from beginner level to advanced. The best surf here can be found in the monsoon months from October to March with swells bringing in waves of up to 8 feet. There are [read more]
Pacific Hotel Okinawa
The tropical island of Okinawa in Japan is fortunate to have so many excellent breaks surrounding its coastlines. Hedo Point on the northern tip of the island is a right hander with a nice hollow barrel that finishes off with a smooth ride for another 30 meters. If you want to get away from the crowds then try out the local break known as Fruit Stand where the surf conditions really go off especially [read more]
Chaaya Island Dhonveli
The Maldives has been put on the surfing map because of many top breaks around the islands with one in particular, Pasta Point being talked about across the world. The name Pasta Point comes from the old Italian Resort that used to be there and the fact that after you come back from surfing the break your arms would be all noodled. That name stuck and now Pasta Point is probably the best left hander [read more]
Nihiwatu Island Resort
  Nihiwatu is a small island getaway in the remote eastern part of Indonesia and is hotspot for surfers looking for that classic 'Indo' wave.  The Nihiwatu Island Resort itself is located right outside the beach front and offers surfers a perfect access to the best breaks in the area. The waves that break here can get to about 4 feet and above and are generally much bigger with the bigger swells [read more]
The Inn at Manzanillo Bay
  What used to be a sleepy little fishing village, Troncones is now a popular getaway spot for Mexico's northern neighbors looking to escape the cold and more recently a go to place for avid intrepid surf travelers. Not far from the beautiful Zihuatnaejo and Ixtapa, Troncones which is in the Manzanillo Bay offers a consistent left point break and suits all levels from beginners to more seasoned veterans [read more]
Casablanca Sayulita
Riviera Nayarit in Mexico or its actual name which the fishing village of Sayulita not far from Puerto Vallarta is a tranquil beach town that is quicky becoming Mexico's top spot for surfing. the right break fronting the main beach is constant and an ideal spot for beginners to learn and get their feet wet. Swells do get bigger for the more advanced level surfers particularly on the beach's more [read more]
The Inn At Mazatlan
  Mexico has many fine surf breaks and one that must be mentioned is Mazatlan. This well known surf spot has year round surf but the best surf conditions are had between May and September when surfers can ride the long left hander that Mazatlan is renowned for. Given its rise to fame, Mazatlan is now hosting big international surfing events and started off with its very first, the Quicksilver Clasico [read more]
Tamarindo Diria Beach and Golf Resort
  Tamarindo in Costa Rica is a popular break with locals and international surfers coming here every year to ride the wave and all its neighboring beaches. The country's most famous breaks of Playa Negra, Ollie's Point and Witches Rock to the north offer world class rides and make a great getaway experience both on and off the water. Tamarindo's perfect beach break also boasts warm water due to its [read more]
Le Cameleon Puerto Viejo
  Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica has been given the claim to fame of having the heaviest wave in Costa Rica which has so many world class surf spots itself. Salsa Brava which is what the wave is known as, is definitely an expert only wave and locals call it a "thick sauce" brewing over a shallow reef. But this area is not just renowned for this heavy beast, also more easier rides such as Playa Cocles [read more]
Hotel Alicante San Salvador
  San Salvador is only 30 minutes away from La Libertad which is El Salvador's number one surfing spot with so many world class breaks not far from each other. One of the most popular breaks in this circuit is Punta Roca which is a world class wave that is compared to the likes of Noosa Australia and J-Bay. The wave runs for more that a quarter mile at an even pace and has plenty of barrels on offer [read more]
Best Western David Chiriqui
  Chiriqui is on the Pacific side of Panama and is a bunch of islands that has world class surf conditions for the intrepid traveler. The islands are secluded surf spots that can only be accessed by private tour operators.  We recommend setting up camp in the city of David, Chiriqui which although is not right on the beach, is a good neutral spot for exploring the other regions. Some of the nearby [read more]
Wyndham Kingston Jamaica
  Surfing in Kingston Jamaica is a big hit with locals and now traveling surfers wanting to take advantage of the warm climate and water temperatures. There are a ton of excellent breaks close to the city. Lighthouse is near the Kingston airport with short and hollow right handers and some of the best barrels on the island. Copa which is in Bull Bay outside of the city boasts long rides and big waves [read more]
Castle Arms Hotel Thurso
You'll be surprised but Scotland has some of the best breaks in the whole of Europe and one of these in particular is Thurso East located on the north coast. Thurso East is a fast reef break and every year this break plays host to several different international competitions with the very first O'Neill Highland Open WQS surfing competition being held here. Since then the O'Neill Cold Water Classic [read more]
Hotel Montree Munich
  You would't normally think of Germany as a surf spot in Europe but then again this is no ordinary surfing destination but also happens to be one of the most famous for its uniqueness. The Eisbach River in Munich's English Garden is a river wave right in the heart of Munich. This green river wave is about three feet high and is constantly cresting. Riders take turns at a time to take on this unusual [read more]
Travelodge Newquay Seafront
  Newquay in England is one of the country's top surf spots attracting both locals and visitors alike. Often as referred to as the UK's surf capital, Newquay has a number of beach breaks that include Fistral Beach with its powerful hollo waves and others such as Lusty Glaze, Towan, Great Western and Tolcarne. The town itself is heavily influenced by the whole surf scene and you can't help but get [read more]
Hotel Club Vacanciel Bidart
Guethary is one of France's big wave surfing spots and can hold waves up to 5 meters high and even higher. These are very powerful waves and are more suited towards advanced level surfers. Surfers can ride the left but it is very dangerous and when the swell is big, there is a strong chance you will eat the sand. Locals and experienced surfers recommend sticking to the inside which produces good hollow [read more]
Praia Hotel Imbituba
  Praia Da Vila is the home for many ASP Tour events and is another on the long list of perfect surf spots in Brazil. Not far from the Surf center of Florianopolis, Praia Da Vila is in the town of Imbituba and locals and visitors alike call the waves here world class. Suiting more experienced surfers, the waves here are of the larger size and require a more technical handling. The waves can get up [read more]
Sonesta Hotel El Olivar Lima
  This hotel is not right on the beach but instead in the heart of Lima city, which we think is a great place to base yourself to really enjoy the bright lights of the city after a day out on the water. The Sonesta Hotel El Oliver  which is right in the heart of the San Isidro district in Lima is close to shops and restaurants, its a comfortable hotel with all the modern amenities and services.  [read more]
Apart Hotel Condell Iquique
Iquique in Chile is renowned for its range of surf breaks and playing host to Juegos Panamericanos de Surf at the beginning of November. The city has a ton of hawaiian style reef breaks which can get quite big. Best times to venture down to this part of the world is between March and August where conditions are optimal but you can generally find good surf all year round here. Accommdation options [read more]
Blue Tree Florianopolis
Florianopolis is a much loved beach paradise in Brazil is part of the famous Santa Catarina state which plays host to many ASP World Surf Tour events every year. The surf here is constant all year round with a lot of the bigger swells rolling in from the South Atlantic and Antarctica. The surfing is best done here between early March through to late May as well as late September to early November. [read more]
Valparaiso's Vineyard Inn
  The Valparaiso's Vineyard Inn in Valparaiso, Chile is an automatic choice to stay at for surfers looking to explore the Chilean coastline and its surfing spots. A number of good breaks can found nearby such as Playa Negra which is a good spot for more beginners but for those more advanced level riders, check out Renaca or the Graveyard as locals call it which can get pretty big and scary. The ever [read more]